Now Your Business Can Close More Sales Using The MOST POPULAR Form Of Communication! is offering an innovative new product called Sales TextChat™ that allows your business to communicate with your customers and leads using the most common form of communication: Texting. Your business will be able to chat with your customers and leads using our 2-way SMS text messaging system and our online Chat System. We also offer the latest in SMS technology: Short Codes and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Short Codes are the Keywords that can be texted to a number for different reasons. An example of a Short Code your customers might use is: Text “Oil” to 69696 for an oil change coupon. Multimedia Messaging Service allows you to send photos, videos and audio to your customers through the SalesTextChat™ System.

This exclusive service will allow your business to send and receive text messages from your customers and prospects through your desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device that has internet access. All of your chat sessions are archived to your CRM platforms for further use. Your Sales Agents will be able to reply to a customers request for chat no matter where they are!

Sales TextChat™ can be added to your business’ normal desktop and mobile friendly or responsive websites. This can become a powerful source of NEW LEADS for your business and can also be integrated into your CRM platform to enhance communications related to service, sales and payment reminders.

Here is an example screenshot of our “Call To Action” button on a dealer’s mobile website. You will be able to generate a button for both a “General” information chat or a chat related to a specific vehicle. When one of your Sales Team receives a notification of a chat about a specific vehicle all of the vehicle information will be included in the notification they receive.

You can also put a “Text Us” call out button on any website that will support a digital link. This digital link will lead to the legally valid “opt in” page. Potential customers are more likely to initiate a discussion by text then they are by chat. Texting is the most common and comfortable method of communication. The customer will feel “in control” and that will make them feel more comfortable and willing to communicate with you. This makes it easier to close the sale.

Potential customers will even be able to chat with one of your salespeople by just texting in a unique designated keyword using our Short Code System. This can be used in any print, radio, tv or websites that don’t allow links. Craigslist is the best example of websites that don’t allow links.

When a customer starts a Chat Session you will be alerted by both a computer screen notification and by a text message to your cell phone in case you are not at your computer at the moment. Each Sales Agent will be able to set the times they are available so they don’t receive texts in the middle of the night, unless they want to. There are several automatic message templates available for your text chat system.

Your Dealership Logo will appear everywhere in the system that the customer views.

Reputation Management Is Also Available

Reputation Management software is also available in your Sales TextChat™ Control Panel. You can send text messages to your current customers and ask them to post a review of your business’ performance. This fully automated system helps protect the reputation of your business by only allowing positive reviews reviews (3 stars and above) to be published on Google. Bad reviews will be filtered and sent to an email address you choose to give you a chance to correct the situation. An automatic email is also sent to the customer to let them know someone will be contacting them to help resolve the problem.

Staff Notifier

One of our newest features, Staff Notifier, was added at the request of many of our customers.

This new addition will allow you to create “lists” of phone numbers from your staff. You will then be able to send a text message to all of your staff members at one time, or just certain staff members depending on your list. You can use this to get the information out about a spur of the moment emergency staff meeting or even a message about a birthday party in the breakroom. Your staff will even be able to confirm their attendance by just replying to the text. You will be able to see all of the replies in your dashboard.

No more sending emails that get ignored or don’t get read until after the meeting. You will be contacting your staff instantly with our system.

NOTE: You can’t use these lists to contact your customers. Customers must subscribe to your list for you to be allowed to contact them. This will prevent you from being fined or sued for improper texting. We are currently working on a module that will allow you to create customer lists that you can advertise to in the future.

More Features Coming Soon!

As technology changes we will add new and improved features to the Sales TextChat™ System.