Here is a list of side benefits that really didn’t fit into the content on the other information pages.

1. Helps with foreign language customers. Customers not comfortable talking with you on the phone because of potential language or speech problems may text with you instead.

2. Helps with bad credit customers. Ever try to get a bad credit customer to answer their phone? Many of them are dodging bill collectors and won’t answer the phone for anyone. They are more apt to carry on a text conversation with you.

3. Better use of time. Customers that are willing to give you permission to have a text conversation are READY to buy. We have seen an average closing rate of 1 in 4.

4. Chat with people who can’t talk at the moment. How many of your potential customers can’t talk on the phone because they are at work or some other place they can’t talk on the phone? They will still be able to carry on a conversation with you through Sales TextChatâ„¢.

5. They are giving you the information you need to follow up with them. By agreeing to have a text conversation you will have their phone number in the system and be able to text with the again in the future. You don’t normally get this with phone calls, emails (they won’t read them), walk-ins, web based chat or other ways they contact you.

6. Manage your Sales Agent’s Texting. How many of your Sales Agents are texting with customers now? Are they following TCPA rules? If not they are placing you in a position of being fined up to $1500 PER TEXT! Our System insures they are following the TCPA and it also offers a LOT of features that a normal cell phone doesn’t.

7. The Staff Notifier feature lets you get important messages out to your Staff fast!