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Yes. While this System was originally designed to be used for car dealerships we have updated the System for use with any business. You can even add custom “Text Us” buttons that are more related to your business.

No. Your monthly subscription fee covers everything. You get Unlimited Leads and 2500 text credits per month. If you go over 2500 texts for 2 consecutive months there may be an additional charge. Extra Text Credits cost around 2¢ each.

Text Chat takes place on the mobile phone, just like you would text your family and friends. Since this is the most popular form of communication your customers feel more comfortable and in control of the conversation. When a customer is visiting your website and clicks the Text Us button they will be asked to enter their cell phone number so the conversation can be done through text messaging.

Web Chat is the more standard “Chat Window” that pops up on a desktop computer and the Chat occurs in that computer based window, not on a cell phone. The customer will be using the computer based window but you can still use your cell phone so that you can chat with the customer even if you are not at your computer.

Our System offers you both for one low price.

Yes. Our software is setup so that you are unable to have a text conversation with a customer without their permission. They must reply with a “yes” before the conversation can start. All Chat Conversation are stored in the database, showing that permission was received before the text conversation was started. Customers also have the ability to stop or opt-out of the conversation whenever they want. This strict compliance with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is another feature that makes our System the best. Other systems may not protect you like our system does. Other systems can leave you open to fines of up to $1500 PER TEXT

Yes. If you are sitting at a computer you can login to your Sales TextChat™ System and have a text conversation with your Lead. You will have full use of your computer’s keyboard (great for people with big thumbs), screen and pictures stored on the computer. You will be able to send images, video and audio clips to your Leads with the MMS technology you have in your system.

Yes. You can assign a Short Code Keyword to any Sales Agents you want. You can even “rent” the Keyword to the Agent. The Agent would then start putting their Keyword and the Call To Action in advertisements they want to run themselves. For example, they could run an ad on craigslist with the car image and information and add “Text JohnD to 69696 for more information”. When the customer texts in the Keyword the System will automatically notify the Sales Agent and the Text Conversation will begin and still be monitored and recorded completely within the System.

Yes. You can add your Sales Agent’s phone numbers to the notification list. The FIRST Sales Agent that clicks on the notification text on their cell phone gets the Lead. After the first Agent clicks on the link it will be disabled for everyone else. This can be a great motivation factor to get your Sales Agents to pay attention to the System.

You could also setup a reward system for the Leads. For example, the Agent that has the most car sales in one week gets ALL the Text Leads for the next week.

Yes. When setting up the phone numbers that get notified you will just setup the admin phone number. When the admin gets the notification they can login and transfer the lead to any Sales Agent they want. The Sales Agent will then get a notification on their phone that they have a Lead that wants to Chat.

When you are chatting on your cellphone you are actually using the Chat System of your cellphone. The notification that is sent to a Sales Agent’s phone is actually a link to the TextChat™ System. The text conversation will actually happen through the control panel system even though you are using your phone. This gives you all of the features and benefits of the full system when using your cell phone, wherever you are.

All of the button code is generated in the Control Panel. You just have to copy and paste the code onto your website. We have complete instructions for you and your website developer. We may also be able to add the buttons for you if you give us access to your website files.

Reputation Management is a part of the system. You can send a link to your customers asking them to rate your service and business. If they rate you 3 or more stars they are automatically redirected to your Google Page and asked to leave a review. If they rate you 2 stars or below the rating is sent to your admin email so you can have a chance to correct the problem for them. Only the positive reviewers are sent to Google to leave their ratings.

It depends, but usually we can offer a multi-system discount.

If you own 5 or more locations we have an AMAZING deal for you! We can White Label a System for you and give you complete monitoring and control over everything. We will set the system up on a domain for you, something like JohnDoeFordTextSystem.com. All of your locations will be logging into your own domain and system to run their TextChat™ services.

There is an additional monthly fee for this. The fee depends on the number of locations you have. Please contact us for more information and a quote.