Before we get to the cost of Sales TextChatâ„¢ let’s see what is included and the value of each. To determine the Value we searched the internet to see what our competitors for their products, even though they have fewer features than ours. For a better comparison of our features versus our competitors please view our COMPARISON CHART to see how much better our product is.



Text Chat

$300 / month

Web Chat

$300 / month

Reputation Management

$200 / month

5 Short Codes

$50 / month

2500 Text Credits

$125 / month

Staff Notifier

$150 / month


$1125 / month

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Get in now for just $399 a month. As we add more modules we will be raising the monthly subscription price. Current customers will always get module additions and upgrades included at no extra cost.


We are currently offering over 60% off the Setup Fee also! Our normal Setup Fee is $299. This includes setting up your business in the system, uploading your logos and information, setting up your messages, programming your Short Code Keywords, setting up your Sales Agents, creating images for your Web Chat and on-site training for businesses in the SWFL area.*

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Click the button below to get started. You will receive a form to fill out and return to us so we can get you setup and ready to go. We have also added the FREE Bonus Week to allow your programmer time to add the required codes to your website. After 5 weeks you will be billed our monthly subscription rate, currently $399, every month. If you ever cancel your subscription it can only be restarted at the monthly subscription rate being charged at the time you restart.

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Text Chat Sell Startup Package
Text Chat Sell Startup Package Startup Package. Includes Setup, One Month Of Service and FREE BONUS WEEK.
Price: $678.00
Price: $499.00
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* The Setup Fee does not include adding the programming code to your website. You should have your website provider add the code for you. If you want us to add the code for you we will need access to your website files.